Know How

Made in Italy design, global technology.

Stamperia Pezzoli perform large format textile printing for house furnishings and linen - max 350 cm width - with personalized designs (bed linen, curtaining, tablecloths, sofa covers, pillow covers, duvet covers, cloths, dusters, mattress covers etc.). Cotton is the material manly used for printing but Stamperia Pezzoli can also work with polyester, nonwoven fabrics, acrylic, mixed polyester, microfibres and polyamides. Designs and colours are planned and developed internally by the Styling Office and can be varied with great flexibility in relation to project’s requirements. At every stage of the printing process, the product goes through a number of strict quality controls that guarantee excellence combined by international technology and Made in Italy design.

Full quality: from the design selection to the delivery.

In addition to the long-lasting experience in the textile printing field and the advanced technological level of its facilities, Stamperia Pezzoli today offers a service of excellence thanks to four key factors:
  • the versatility of working procedures, which allows a total customization of designs and finishes
  • the priceless Omnibus collection of creative designs, a limitless archive able to satisfy any requirement;
  • the total reproducibility of Stamperia Pezzoli’s Pantone which includes over 4,000 colour recipes;
  • the great performance of the real time colour management thanks to the Software Color Styler specially customized for the examination and for the variation of printing recipes and colours by the client.
The final result of each project is also guaranteed thanks in renderings and the printing proof that Stamperia Pezzoli can assure in a very competitive time.

The production phases for a leading textile printing.

  • Styling

    Working in close cooperation with the clients, the Styling Office produces the patterns, the colours and the designs for the printing project.
  • Colour kitchen

    This is the phase where individual colour recipes are defined before the application on fabric. The recipes are specifically prepared in three different "kitchens" and several families of colours are used: pigments, disperse, reactive, indanthrene and acid colours.
    All the colours and auxiliaries used by Stamperia Pezzoli comply with the REACH regulations, and they are accompanied by their MSDSs.
  • Printing

    Stamperia Pezzoli utilizes a flat bed printing machine (10 colours) and two rotary printing machines (12-14 colours), using pure nickel cylinders of Swiss Nickelmesh technology: providing maximum performance for the perfect application of the colours.
Printing includes polymerisation and/or steaming.
In this phase, Stamperia Pezzoli can already add different kinds of customized pre finishes.
  • Finishing

    During the different final stages of lifting-up, thermo-fixing and calendaring of the fabric, Finishes are customized according to customer requirements and they include, the application of softeners, water-oil repellents, flame retardants and anti-bacterial finishes.
  • Packaging

    The printed fabrics are delivered to the clients either in pallets or small/large rolls.

With an eye to the future.

Research in the textile sector and in textile machinery is under constant attention by Stamperia Pezzoli, both through the implementation of new technological solutions (with particular concentration to the analysis of new materials and new finishing techniques), and the development of projects with a high value added that can be implemented together with other stakeholders (business, institutions and universities). As a confirmation of this, during the period 2009-2011, Stamperia Pezzoli played a decisive role in establishing the Lombartech Consortium, and in significant product innovations that were carefully tested and are aiming to extend the offer range.

Customised Software, Customised Service.

Color Styler is the customised software of Stamperia Pezzoli that allows to share with customers the collection and the possibility to vary the design with Stamperia Pezzoli’s  4,000 plus Pantone colours. Thanks to Color Styler technology, Stamperia Pezzoli is able to communicate the parameters for the exact reproduction of colours samples directly via web. The software allows the client to perform an accurate colour test of their designs. The client can intervene directly on the project, making changes and variation on colours and check in real time the results of the new colour range  before resubmitting it to Stamperia Pezzoli and then start with the production phase.