A textile network.

Pezzoli has a long-standing tradition in the Italian textile: it was established in the early 50’s and has grown thanks to the passion and expertise of the Pezzoli’s family. Over the time, the Group has become appreciated and recognised by the domestic and the international markets and today it ranks among the leading brands in the industry.
The Group guarantees complete coverage of the entire textile process form the manufacturing to the selling of goods. The companies of the group have a high quality standards according to the different products and services they offer in relation to their core business: spinning (open-end and ring), weaving, bleaching, dyeing of fabrics and yarns, textile printing and finishing, production of bath rugs, wholesale and retailing of home linen. The Pezzoli Group has established a networking approach, providing integrated consulting: a real added value for the clients and stakeholders.

Your partner for printing and finishing services for home textile and linen.

Stamperia Pezzoli has been operating for more than 35 years in the cotton textile sector both in Italy and internationally, providing printing and finishing services for semi-finished textiles used for home furniture and linen. Stamperia Pezzoli relies on a team of 30 highly qualified employees with consolidated manufacturing experience and a range of machineries exclusively manufactured in Italy and Europe. Stamperia Pezzoli is a competitive partner in terms of technology and design, operating according to the highest quality standards in every step of the manufacturing process. Stamperia Pezzoli guarantees the origins of the fibres, machinery and chemical products used, while paying special attention to the environmental sustainability during each process. Today semi- finished products from Stamperia Pezzoli are mainly meant for furnishings and linen used in homes, hotels, hospitals, nautical industry and outdoors.

Safety and environmental friendliness

Stamperia Pezzoli operates in full compliance with all regulations regarding industrial safety and environmental protection. The Company only uses certified and safe chemical products with a controlled origin in support of a protect working environment as well as safeguarding the health of the employees. In terms of health and safety The Pezzoli Group has also establish an internal protection and prevention office. The environmental sustainability, today increasingly decisive factor in the dynamics of process and production, focuses in the adoption of an efficient system of gas and industrial water cleaning connected directly to the software platform of the institutional bodies responsible for control ( ASL, ARPA) that perform withdrawals and monitoring verification in real time.


Stamperia Pezzoli is one of the founders of Lombartech, a Consortium for the development and innovation of textile and textile machineries sector in the Lombardy Region.

Confindustria Bergamo

The Pezzoli Group is part of the Textile and Clothing Group of Confindustria Bergamo


Software House that has developed the software for Stamperia Pezzoli's on-line colour management.